Character Biography

Warrior originally came from the Thousand Brave Guild, where some reputable warriors originated from, such as Star of Law Enforcer, Dertmot, and Captain of Alliance Army, Karen. When Archie/Abelard took control of the Thousand Brave Guild, they were forced to follow his orders. As a result, one of the members, Vaia, decided to take over as a new Supreme Commander of Thousand Brave Guild through force with lack of manpower and high-ranked commanders. This decision brought multiple consequences to the guild and forced them to make a full-scale retreat to Lant until Kim Vojava or Alberka Kim took over Vojava Pirates as the new Captain that could succeed in breaching Highquarters.

The warrior left the Thousand Brave Guild to seek out stronger opponents and decided his main goal would be to defeat the titan and Archie/Abelard. He banded together with Eclair, Rogue, Mage, Nobleria, Monk, and Scyther to defeat Archie/Abelard, and is now unaffiliated with the Thousand Brave Guild led by Vaia. Yet, he continues to help the guild prosper.

Class Overview

In the past, he was a knight whose only objective was to protect his people. However,  after the corruption within the knighthood, he felt unable to protect his people: weakness, an inability that was developed during the corruption. His resolution was to leave the knighthood, and wander the vast world, to accomplish only one objective: more strength, by seeking for stronger opponents on the battlefield.

A dominant melee fighter who boasts of exceptional physical prowess, the Warrior evolves into a BerserkerFire Lord/Burst Berserker,  or Demon Blade

Throughout the stage, he is trained by Legendary Mercenary known as Metal Eagle Bryce.


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Skill Tree

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  • DoomBladeChr
  • Fire Lord chr
  • Berzerkerchr
  • Heaven Destroyer chr
  • Doomfist chr
  • Zerk2nd chr
  • Assassinchr
  • CatspawChr
  • Wolf Guardianchr
  • Shadow Magechr
  • Frost MageChr
  • Warp Mage chr
  • Coming soon

  • Coming soon

  • Coming soon
  • VampCh
  • ValkyrieChar
  • Vamp2ndChr
  • Coming soon

  • PsionChr
  • SupernovaChr
  • Elemental Fairy chr
  • CreatorChr
  • Halo Magician chr
  • ???

  • ???

  • ???
  • Dark Lord chr
  • Galaxy Lord chr
  • Dark Emperor Chr
  • Divine Emperor
  • Sky Dancer chr
  • ???