The Tower of Tribulation is a tower that costs 3 Sapphires to enter. Each Entry will allow you to attempt a set number of floors. The set must be completed in a single attempt since failure to complete any floor will require the player to redo the entire set from the beginning of that set regardless of how far they have progressed (each reattempt also costs 3 Sapphires). If the set is completed the next time the player decides to enter they will attempt the next set.

☀it gets reset every week and floor number and the time to get there determine the overall ranking

Every floor has enemies and/or a boss which must be defeated in order to progress to the next floor. Defeating all enemies on the floor will reveal that floor's chest which could contain inheritance material, gems keys or meteorites. Occasionally the player may find purple potions that recover both a set amount of MP and HP. Unfortunately "auto" function will not attempt to actively pick up this potion so it is important that you manually control your character if you need it.

There is a minimum CP requirement for all floors. If your character does not meet the required CP they will immediately die upon entering the floor and be unable to progress. Therefore it is advisable to max out on your CP before attempting the higher floors.

The Tower of Tribulation resets every week and the time it takes to reach the higher floors determines the ranking of the player. Higher rankings will gain access to higher rewards such as more gold and more gem keys.