Overview Edit

Thernolan is the homeworld of the mages where Thernolan Archmages are the mages that was loathed by Feima Alchemist Organization. Fifteen years before the story start, Archie lead the assault and resulting in destruction of Thernolan itself.

History Edit

Great Fire Thernolan Edit

Thernolan receive surprise attack from Archie and Parliament Army. The attack itself was very intense as only very few mages manage to survive the onslaught. Detmold was reported killed in action when fighting Thernolan Archmages which Archie later ressurect him through alchemy method with the price of losing his original power. Brent in the other hand, survive the onslaught but he lost his eyes when dueling Archie to repel Parliament Army from Thernolan. Karen himself finally view the Parliament Army's darkness for the first time as lamented this as he continously shouted on the Raven Gold Sunset Port everyday. Thus, he and some few survivors of the incident form the Resistance Army as field commander.

Participants Edit

Parliament Edit

  • Karen
  • Archie
  • Luciana (Defected)

Thernolans Edit

  • Ling
  • Brent
  • Head of Warp Library

Deceased Edit

  • Dertmot (Ressurected with Alchemy)
  • Eclair's Parents