Description Edit

Soul gems are stones used to increase overall stats.

Type of Soul Gems: Edit

Ruby: Soul gems suitable for chest, pants, and shoes. Edit

  • Irresistible Ruby: Attack Power Soul Gem

Irresistible Ruby I: 94 Attack Power

Irresistible Ruby II: 117 Attack Power

Irresistible Ruby III: 167 Attack Power

Irresistible Ruby IV: 278 Attack Power

Irresistible Ruby V: 483 Attack Power

Irresistible Ruby VI: 840 Attack Power

Irresistible Ruby VII: 1,400 Attack Power

  • Fell Ruby: Critical Damage Soul Gem

Fell Ruby I: 1.26% Critical Damage

Fell Ruby II: 1.57% Critical Damage

Fell Ruby III: 1.96% Critical Damage

Fell Ruby IV: 3.26% Critical Damage

Fell Ruby V: 4.66% Critical Damage

Fell Ruby VI: 6.65% Critical Damage

Fell Ruby VII: 9.5% Critical Damage

  • Deadly Ruby: Critical Soul Gem

Deadly Ruby I: 10 Critical

Deadly Ruby II: 13 Critical

Deadly Ruby III: 16 Critical

Deadly Ruby IV: 26 Critical

Deadly Ruby V: 37 Critical

Deadly Ruby VI: 53 Critical

Deadly Ruby VII: 75 Critical

  • Powerful Ruby: Bonus Damage Soul Gem

Powerful Ruby I: 0.72% Bonus Damage

Powerful Ruby II: 0.9% Bonus Damage

Powerful Ruby III: 1.13% Bonus Damage

Powerful Ruby IV: 1.89% Bonus Damage

Powerful Ruby V: 2.7% Bonus Damage

Powerful Ruby VI: 3.85% Bonus Damage

Powerful Ruby VII: 5.5% Bonus Damage

Sapphire: Soul gems suitable for weapon, gloves, and helmet Edit

  • Precise Sapphire: Accuracy Soul Gem

Precise Sapphire I: 19 Accuracy

Precise Sapphire II: 20 Accuracy

Precise Sapphire III: 22 Accuracy

Precise Sapphire IV: 25 Accuracy

Precise Sapphire V: 42 Accuracy

Precise Sapphire VI: 60 Accuracy

Precise Sapphire VII: 92 Accuracy

  • Piercing Sapphire: Piercing Soul Gem

Piercing Sapphire I: 2 Piercing Bonus

Piercing Sapphire II: 3 Piercing Bonus

Piercing Sapphire III: 4 Piercing Bonus

Piercing Sapphire IV: 6 Piercing Bonus

Piercing Sapphire V: 10 Piercing Bonus

Piercing Sapphire VI: 13 Piercing Bonus

Piercing Sapphire VII: 16 Piercing Bonus

  • Slashing Sapphire: Slashing Soul Gem

Slashing Sapphire I: 2 Slashing Bonus

Slashing Sapphire II: 3 Slashing Bonus

Slashing Sapphire III: 4 Slashing Bonus

Slashing Sapphire IV: 6 Slashing Bonus

Slashing Sapphire V: 10 Slashing Bonus

Slashing Sapphire VI: 13 Slashing Bonus

Slashing Sapphire VII: 16 Slashing Bonus

  • Striking Sapphire: Striking Soul Gem

Striking Sapphire I: 2 Crushing Bonus

Striking Sapphire II: 3 Crushing Bonus

Striking Sapphire III: 4 Crushing Bonus

Striking Sapphire IV: 6 Crushing Bonus

Striking Sapphire V: 10 Crushing Bonus

Striking Sapphire VI: 13 Crushing Bonus

Striking Sapphire VII: 16 Crushing Bonus

Topaz: Soul gems suitable for ring, necklace, and earrings Edit

  • Poison Topaz: Poison Element Soul Gem

Poison Topaz I: 3 Poison Bonus

Poison Topaz II: 4 Poison Bonus

Poison Topaz III: 6 Poison Bonus

Poison Topaz IV: 8 Poison Bonus

Poison Topaz V: 12 Poison Bonus

Poison Topaz VI: 15 Poison Bonus

Poison Topaz VII: 18 Poison Bonus

  • Lightning Topaz: Lightning Element Soul Gem

Lightning Topaz I: 3 Lightning Bonus

Lightning Topaz II: 4 Lightning Bonus

Lightning Topaz III: 6 Lightning Bonus

Lightning Topaz IV: 8 Lightning Bonus

Lightning Topaz V: 12 Lightning Bonus

Lightning Topaz VI: 15 Lightning Bonus

Lightning Topaz VII: 18 Lightning Bonus

  • Ice Topaz: Ice Element Soul Gem

Ice Topaz I: 3 Ice Bonus

Ice Topaz II: 4 Ice Bonus

Ice Topaz III: 6 Ice Bonus

Ice Topaz IV: 8 Ice Bonus

Ice Topaz V: 12 Ice Bonus

Ice Topaz VI: 15 Ice Bonus

Ice Topaz VII: 18 Ice Bonus

  • Dark Topaz: Dark Element Soul Gem

Dark Topaz I: 3 Dark Bonus

Dark Topaz II: 4 Dark Bonus

Dark Topaz III: 6 Dark Bonus

Dark Topaz IV: 8 Dark Bonus

Dark Topaz V: 12 Dark Bonus

Dark Topaz VI: 15 Dark Bonus

Dark Topaz VII: 18 Dark Bonus

  • Fire Topaz: Fire Element Soul Gem

Fire Topaz I: 3 Fire Bonus

Fire Topaz II: 4 Fire Bonus

Fire Topaz III: 6 Fire Bonus

Fire Topaz IV: 8 Fire Bonus

Fire Topaz V: 12 Fire Bonus

Fire Topaz VI: 15 Fire Bonus

Fire Topaz VII: 18 Fire Bonus

Where to Obtain? Edit

  • Fractured Memories
  • Soul Gem dungeons
  • NPC, Scar
  • Ranking rewards from Arena and Fractured Memories

Soul Gem Dungeons Edit

These dungeons are where you can obtain Gem boxes from I-III and Gem Generator I-III. These dungeons can only be done 5 times daily.

  1. Temple of Alchemy, Located at Highquaters
  2. Deserters' Den, Located at Opportunity Bay
  3. Airship Crash Site, Located at Fountain Square
  4. Pirates Bastion, Located at Wolfshadow
  5. Dominion Training Ground, Located at Wolfshadow
  6. Dominion Advanced Training Camp, Located at Deeprock

Gem Forge, Soul Gem Fusion Coupon & Gem Boxes/Generators Edit

Gem Forge Edit

It's the machine where players can socket equipment, create new soul gems, and fusion soul gems.

Soul Gem Fusion Coupon Edit

An item used during fusion. This item works as a catalyst during the fusing by making the selected soul gem 100% success. Note: Without this item, the fusion outcome is RNG(Random Number Generated).

Gem Boxes/Generators Edit

Gem Boxes I, II & III can be obtained through Soul Gem dungeons, not as a drop but as a card loot. However, Gem Box I and II are entirely easier and RNG, but Gem Boxes III are rarer but selectable.

Omni-socket Spray Edit

This item allows an item's socket to become "Omni," which means to become an unrestricted, or all-type socket. As of Currently this item is not on NA/EU Live Server, but can be found in PTS. This item only works for Weapons