Overview Edit

Salvage is one of the main feature on Kritika Online that makes player able to salvage the equipments that player gets from instance dungeon. Instead of selling it to NPC, player will always salvage it because it was more useful to make more valuable items.

Salvaged items Edit

The items that can salvaged are:

- Equipment

- Artifact

Player can salvage it based on the quality of the items itself, if player manage to Salvage the Legendary items then player will get gold shards as salvage rewards.

Salvaged items can be used as:

Fishing material (From Ferdinand III to buy fishing bait)

Blacksmith (Making Equipments and another components)

Quest (Depends on the NPC to ask how many that they want)

Stronger artifacts (To enchance the artifact or buying it from npc)

Evolution Equipment Material (Meet up with Gordon for this)