Character Biography

Scyther originally worked for a secret group of Alchemists known as Feima Organization. They worked for Arthur Beiruma, who established Feima Special Forces. It was later revealed that Beiruma survived the war against Atlantis, after making an invasion attempt against them. Though, an incident that had occurred caused Beiruma to disappear and become a mystery...

When the Titan was out of control, Scyther made an effort to subdue its ferocity; however, the moment she touched it, her powers and memories were drained by titan, replacing it with unknown recollections. After she regains consciousness, she saw that Raven town had been burned and since that day, she vowed to retaliate against Archie/Abelard. In her journey, she joined a group of combatants: Rogue, Warrior, Eclair, and Mage. They remained aside each other and shared the same goal, defeating Archie/Abelard.

Class Overview

An Angel of Death, capable of annihilating hundreds of enemies at once.

A melee fighter who cuts down her foes with her giant scythe. The Scyther's true potential is revealed once she advances to either of next tiers— becoming a Valkyrie or Blood Fairy.


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Skill Tree

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  • DoomBladeChr
  • Fire Lord chr
  • Berzerkerchr
  • Heaven Destroyer chr
  • Doomfist chr
  • Zerk2nd chr
  • Assassinchr
  • CatspawChr
  • Wolf Guardianchr
  • Shadow Magechr
  • Frost MageChr
  • Warp Mage chr
  • Coming soon

  • Coming soon

  • Coming soon
  • VampCh
  • ValkyrieChar
  • Vamp2ndChr
  • Coming soon

  • PsionChr
  • SupernovaChr
  • Elemental Fairy chr
  • CreatorChr
  • Halo Magician chr
  • ???

  • ???

  • ???
  • Dark Lord chr
  • Galaxy Lord chr
  • Dark Emperor Chr
  • Divine Emperor
  • Sky Dancer chr
  • ???