One week dungeon is where players are be able to complete daily tasks that has been set on that day. Each day will open different dungeons and the reward are varies.

Kritika the White Knights Edit

Each day player will be given four options of level for daily. From Easy to Hell and the higher the difficulty the higher the rewards will be.

Everyday player will be awarded by Shard that can use to increase the tier of Meteorite while on weekend player can obtain Inherit Material in order to transfer weapon upgrades to what player desires.

Kritika Online Edit

On kritika Online, Player will be given five daily map and everyday player can only access two times a day regardless of any map player can go.

The difficulty is based on Player's level and the difficulty are always on the Hell level. The rewards are also varies from Reappraisal scrools until Enchantment gem to enchant weapons that will benefits player.

Level separation are most likely five levels starting from level 31 and it will adjust Player's level naturally so player cannot enter lower level nor difficulty as the difficulty was already set on Hell regardless player's stats.

Monday: Mysterious Altar

Player have to breakthrough siege of Parliamentary Army in order to deal with the undeads at the boss area.

Tuesday: Floating Ice Canine Teeth Valley

Player must protect Priestess from Monsters attack, if she is dead the mission will be failed.

Wednesday: Mysterious Theatre of Maria

Player have to defeat the Boss on this map in order to clear the level by breaking through the defenses of masks and ghost scythe wielder.

Thursday: Ice Frost fangs Arms drill field

Player will have to deal with Pirate Swordsman Straight while also dealing with four to five of his adjutants but player can end the stage and all monsters will be eliminated once Pirate Swordsman was defeated.

Friday: Crazy Underground Corridor

Player have to protect and escorting Ling, a magician tasked by Cerulean to cleanse the area. Do not try to make her fall behind or a horde of monster will attack her if player abandons Ling. Ling doesn't have abilities to fight except breaking stones where Player will deal with Boss, Kroll personally.

On Saturday and Sunday, All map will be open but player can only access two times a day for One Week map.