Below are the list of the Bosses that player encounters during gameplay.

Boss list Edit

Boss as allies Edit

Below are the list that player will encounter as allies on the gameplay, however on some circumstances they will also appear as an enemy.

  • Karen
  • Brent
  • Ruweiss
  • Bryce
  • Hashter (NPC and temporary allies)
  • Luami / Lomi
  • Kim Alberka
  • Aida (NPC and temporary allies)

Boss as enemies Edit

Below are the bosses that player will encounter on the gameplay, some are going to be player's nemesis throughout the game as they kept often make their appearance in attempt to defeat player.

  • Archie
  • Master Puppet
  • Evil Sect Founder
  • Thor (Often appear from Raven Silver Wing)
  • Aida (Will often appear as opponent)
  • Lucia
  • Dertmot / Detmold
  • Hadalin
  • Asura
  • EX Droid Robot
  • Professor Calais
  • Nidbark
  • Viner
  • Seoran
  • Duo-Ha-Er
  • Macaulay
  • Melklion
  • Tagil / Tajar
  • Lakerol / Laoku
  • Gunner Uric
  • Pirate Hook Jack
  • Hashter (Only at Arena as main Boss)
  • Ilya
  • Kayla
  • Baron
  • Carradene / Carradine
  • Godzilla (Often appears at Alchemy 3rd floor)
  • Uleuji
  • Praying Mantis
  • Ghost Teppo
  • Iron Hachi / Steel Hachi
  • Charge Shield
  • Cloud Guard
  • Harpue

Buffs on Boss Edit

This is the list of known buffs that the Boss are often used during Boss battle.

Shield Edit

The shield grant Boss immune into any staggering, stun and freeze effect. Once the shield breaks, the boss can be immobilized, etc until the shield recharges. It usually emits purple aura when embedded with shield.

Rage / Rally Edit

Rage or Rally unleashes Boss full potential, usually happens when HP drops below 50%. There are ways to prevent this such as keep the boss constantly on knocking it down and not let it escape player's grasp.