Kritika is a game developed by Gamevil (pronounced GameVille*) published by EnMasse Studios.

NONSTOP ACTION! Brawl with friends or rampage solo through a lavish 3D RPG world filled with hordes of enemies and grandiose cinematic displays.

Take on the bad guys with oversized blades, alchemical superguns, and dazzling acrobatics. There's no need for a lot of talk—you'll be too busy fighting enemies across dozens of Danger Zones in a fully realized, immersive arcade brawler!

ALL KILLER, NO FILLER Danger Zones designed for quick play sessions propel you into the action, without lengthy world travel. And each one has a super-sized boss you'll just love to beat on! The action is fast, and the enemies are furious.

To Be HonestEdit

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GameVille* despite the translation of the word officially, the translation of the words ((주)게임빌) is actually GameVille.