On Kritika Online, there are bosses that will be listed as character that player usually played which mainly human bosses. Their class are depends on their natural ability and skill as a boss and they will appear if player uses intrusion or chances during stage. If player can defeat it, player can gain treasure that has chance to get legendary equipment. Their skills when they appear as player with classes was more lethal compared to when player face them as a boss.

Some of the bosses will be met on Arena.

List of boss and their class Edit

  • 2 Purple Star Kayla - Crimson Assassin
  • Baron (Kritika Online) / Caballa (Kritika The White Knights) - Burst Berserker
  • Ilya - Crimson Assassin
  • Callen - Demon Blade
  • Jelano - Raging Berserker
  • Hasher - Crimson Assassin
  • Aida - Mystic Wolf Guardian
  • Erik - Mystic Wolf Guardian
  • Thor - Eclair
  • Nikita - Crimson Assassin
  • Detmold - Demon Blade
  • Karen - Raging berserker
  • Brent - Freezing Blaster (Special Class Thernolan Archmage)
  • Renee - Freezing Blaster
  • Youlya + Arr! - Mechanic Boss (Note that Youlya cannot be hitted)
  • Bryce - Raging Berserker (Special Class Metal Eagle)
  • Hashter - Flare
  • Young Detmold - Demon Blade
  • Ruweiss - Demon Blade