Fatigue (SEA/KR)Edit

Similar to the White Knights that was using Stamina to enter stage, Fatigue was used on Kritika Online that was consumed everytime player enters the stage.

When player's fatigue reach 0, player are unable to enter stages again except Boss or limited entrance Stage (Mainly 5 entrance for each certain stage) however if player's fatigue reaches 0 but still on the stage, player can still goes to another area and complete the stage.

Fatigue on Kritika Online was given 70 points of Fatigue each day and with Subscription player can gain 30 more Fatigue, making it total 100 Fatigue in a day. In addition Subscription will gave player 3 additional Vitality Token that can be picked up anytime.

Three main items that can give benefits for player are

  • Energy Drink I (restore 10 Fatigue)
  • Energy Drink II (restore 20 Fatigue)
  • Vitality Token

Player cannot restore more than 20 fatigue everyday through Energy Drink and the restoration can be allowed once player's fatigue are below 60 (For Energy Drink I) or below 50 (For Energy Drink II) following Fatigue's capacity standard.

Vitality token was consumed for each entrance and uniquely it did not consumed at each area instead it will be consumed each stages so it is recommended for player to complete the stages to gain maximum benefits for Vitality Token usage.

Fatigue will be restored at 6 AM on SEA time (GMT+8 Singapore)


In order to appease western audiences, the NA/EU of Kritika uses a system called "Rest" that is fundamentally different than other versions.The major difference is that having 0 rest points DOES NOT prevent you from starting or running dungeons. Players start with 300 Reset Points (330 with "Elite" status) which is slowly drained every time a Danger Zone is started/entered.

At different thresholds, Rest provides the following benefits:

  • 300(330) - 201 rest points : 1000% Clear EXP, Monster EXP, and Drop Rates (such as Gold)
  • 200 - 1 rest points : 500% Clear EXP, Monster EXP, and Drop Rates (such as Gold)
  • 0 rest points : 100% Clear EXP, Monster EXP, and Drop Rates (such as Gold)

Rest can be restored with the same limitations as noted in the Fatigue section. It is ill-advised to continue running dungeons for EXP at 0 rest points, however, since the EXP requirement per Level was scaled with this change in mind.

Rest points reset at 6 AM on PST/PDT time