The Emblems as well as Titles give you bonus stats for your character. They are acquired from completing certain requirments. Emblems don't give group bonus like Titles.

There is a total of 4 titles until the update v 152.


Group Title Bonus Stats Acquired From

Group Bonus

Emblems Flair of Fist

Attack +50

Critical +10

Hp +200

Emblem for reaching level 60 during Closed Beta No Special Attribute
Navigator's Star

Attack +50

Critical +10

Mp +200

Emblem for reaching level 65 during Open Beta
Insanity Star

Attack +10

Attack Speed +1%

Critical +10

Bonus Damage +1%

Movment Speed +1%

An Emblem given to players who master Insane difficulty
Newbie Emblems HP +400Movement Speed +2% Level-up package Commemorative Emble