These are the things you should check every day:

  • Log in bonus: Consecutive log in bonus is bestowed to the account via logging in to any character every day. You can see what bonus is being offered by checking the login event screen under the setting cog which looks like a piece of parchment being written on.
  • Daily bonuses: You get bonuses from day to day and they range from anything from Stamina and Mao's Supports to Keys, Sapphires and Gold. These are different everyday.
  • Friend bonuses: Stamina Gifts and Bronze Keys (for striker rewards) arrive by mail.
  • Striker cooldowns: These are extremely necessary for quickly pushing through hard to beat boss fights. There is a 24 hour cooldown between uses so it is good to know which Strikers you are able to call on and which ones are unavailable.
  • Brawler Badges: if you have 10 badges, use them up! When you play the Monster Wave mode, badges are a possible completion reward so ensure you have the space for them. You can carry a max of 20 badges (without VIP status) .
  • Sapphires: if you are at 15 sapphires, make sure to use them up. When you play normal stages to get XP, you will often get sapphires so be sure to have space for them also. You can carry a max of 20 Sapphires (without VIP status).
  • Daily Dungeon: This is the only way to pick up an Astral Shards for Meteorite evolutions. Will also allow you to obtain meteorites which can boost stats of your characters.
  • Guild attendance: If you have joined a guild be sure to log in every day and click the attendance button next to your name. This will add 200AP to your guild's AP pool and earn you guild points for daily reward requirements. Compete in any current tower event to try and help conquer it for permanent guild member stat upgrades.
  • Expedition: - An expedition is availiable once per day and consists of 1-4 characters from your account. Your characters will fight through a series of regions and take on a series of enemies. When all of the enemies in a region are slain the region will be considered cleared and the party will move on to the next region. If your characters HP is used up the expedition will end and you will get rewards for all the regions you have cleared. All expedition rewards are sent to the mailbox. All characters will also gain corresponding additional experience depending on their level (Level 70 characters will obtain 70,000 experience).