Overview Edit

Combat Points in General are the combination status of many things but mainly Combat Point contribution comes from Attacks. The more damage player will deal the higher Combat Points it will be.

Defense, Critical and other stats only contribute a minor rate of Combat Points while Attack has the highest rate of contribution on Combat Point. Kritika Online and The White Knights has different calculations regarding Combat Points.

On Kritika Online, it was split into two batches, one is for offense Capability for Combat Points and Survival is for defensive and survival capability.

Kritika Online Edit

On Kritika Online, the system of Combat Point was similar to the White Knights however the feature of Combat Points are separated to two different system, Combat Point and Survival.

Unlike the White Knights, player can enter the stage below Combat Points recommendation as long as player can survive and able to close the gap with skills which can be equal or more than just player's Combat Points.

Combat Points Edit

Combat Points on Kritika Online are contributed based on player's offense capabilities, the more higher damage output the more higher player's CP will be however even player got High Combat Points but lacking of accuracy, the damage output will be same at mediocre rate where it will inflict Grazes on enemies which the damage output was only 10% from original damage output as long as the enemies got high rate of evasion.

Elemental enchantment are considered moderate since it will give player benefits for equipping enchantment to deal ailments on enemies.

Combat Point contribution Edit

  • Attack (Major)
  • Damage Rate (Minor)
  • Critical Rate and Damage (Minor)
  • Advanced Damage output (Minor)
  • Element Enchantment (Moderate)
  • Hit Rate (Random)
  • MP (Minor)

Survival Edit

Survival on Kritika The White Knights are calculated based on Player's defenses, the more higher the defense the higher rate of survival player will be. Player also be able to resist the Element attack if player are equipped with equipment that has Elemental resistances. Evasion will also allow player to receive a Graze damage from enemies where the damage output will only 10% from opponents usual damage.

Survival Contribution Edit

  • Defense (Major)
  • Damage Reduction (Minor)
  • Advanced Damage Reduction (Minor)
  • Elemental Resistance (Minor)
  • Critical Evasion (Minor)
  • Evasion (Minor)
  • HP (Major)