Character Information Edit

Brent is one of the survivors of Great Fire Thernolan incident. Currently, he is one of the Historian lead that investigates the origin of the Beirumanians, the race that was supposed to be extinct long ago. He suspects ancient race of Beirumanians serves as the foundation of Alchemist and the Organization, Feima Alchemist Organization.

History Edit

Great Fire Thernolan Incident Edit

Brent was present when Parliamentary Army led by Archie/Abelard assaulted Thernolan. He managed to defeat several Parliament Army and even participated in defeating Dertmot, their knight commander. However, during the fierce battle with Archie/Abelard, he lost both of his eyes when he faced him by himself in order to make him retreat. However, unlike other Thernolan survivors who decided to build a shelter at Warp Library, Brent continued to live on the battlefield and become Historian at this moment. His abilities as an Archmage are retained throughout the incident albeit reduced prior to losing both of his eyes.

Present Time Edit

Brent serves as Historian and excels in examining Beirumanians artifact. He believes Beirumanians still exist due to the ancient security guard being able to operate properly to this day. He aids players to examine the artifacts, he also aids the Allied Army, led by Karen, to capture the Capital City of Raven. After Archie/Abelard escaped, he also assisted players in some tasks to discover the artifacts.

During the war between Beirumanians and Atlantis, Brent assisted Atlantis, and even with players' aid, Atlantis remained on the losing side. This created conflicts between the Atlantis royal court and Feima's Alchemist Organization. Even some of the Atlantis Elite Warriors defected, joined to the opposite side. Due to this, the alchemist organization remained as "the Organization that operated behind the shadow and is responsible for the downfall of Atlantis." After Archie/Abelard succeed in taking down Atlantis.