White Knights


Class InformationEdit

Difficulty: ★★★☆☆
Specialty: Heavy Assault

A character that attacks enemies with much gusto. Possesses various skills that tear through the battlefield and scorching attacks to completely wipe out enemies. Destroys enemy with his blade. Mass damage, his blade can cut anything , fists can destroy anything. In his awakning a massive energy blast takes place which cover the whole planet destroys everything. In awakning his power raise very quickly. He dropped his blade (cursed blase) in sun to absorb it's power completly and become more strong and to destroy everything which comes in his way but he can't because of curse in his body. After several years he found the way to remove the curse.

Character SkillsEdit

Physical AttacksEdit

Full Breaker
Spiral Strike
Hurricane Slash
Infinite Grave
Crater Leap

Magic AttacksEdit

Gigantic Full Swing

Tornado Slasher

Activation SkillsEdit

Emergency Escape
Tempest Blade
Madman on the Battlefield

Passive SkillsEdit

Basic Training
HP Increase
MP Increase
DEF Increase
Stat Increase

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