Clear missions and awaken your characters to their full potential! 

Clear daily missions to earn awakening stones to strengthen your skills!

By Awakening your character, you will unlock additional "Awakened Skills" which will give you more power and more devastating abilities.

Kritika the White Knights Edit

Kritika the White Knights awakening mission can be started once player reaches lv 65. In order to be awakened player must reach maximum level (Level 70) and met multiple crtieria. (Updated as of 8/1/2016)

- Simultaneously equip 6 +7 or higher Gems.

- Simultaneously equip 2 +8 or higher Gems.

- Simultaneously equip 8 Legendary Items.

- Simultaneously equip 1 enhanced item at +18 or higher.

- Achieve [ATK] 65000.

- Achieve [DEF] 39000.

- Achieve [Critical Rate] 57000.

- Achieve [DMG Reduced] 17%.

- Achieve [Physical ATK] 150%.

- Achieve [Physical DEF] 250%.

- Achieve [Magic ATK] 150%.

- Achieve [Magic DEF] 250%.

- Achieve [Add'l DMG] 20%.

- Reach 250,000 CP.

- Earn 80,000,000 EXP.

- Earn 5,000,000 Conquest Points.

- Achieve 360,000,000 damage in World Boss (Accumulated).

- Defeat 750 [Champion] Monsters.

- Defeat 130 [Boss] Monsters.

- Defeat 60 [Episode Boss] Monsters.

- Clear [Hall of the Greedy Chancellor] in [Easy] mode without reviving x1.

- Clear [The Ancient One's Home] in [Hard] mode without reviving x9.

- Clear [Hardrem Gatekeeper's Quarters] in [Hard] mode without reviving x27.

- Clear [Tesseract] in Monster Wave with 100+ kills x30.

- Open [Bronze Chest] 300.

- Open [Silver Chest] 150.

- Open [Gold Chest] 60.

- Win x150 in the Arena.

- Win x9 against each class in the Arena:

(Certain classes require different combinations of the following to defeat)
-- [Berserker] x9
-- [Demon Blade] x9
-- [Burst Breaker] x9
-- [Dark Valkyrie] x9
-- [Blood Demon] x9
-- [Shadow Mage] x9
-- [Cat Acrobat] x9
-- [Crimson Assassin] x9
-- [Eclair] x9

Once player are awakened player are be able to get awakening stones through awakening mission and player can awakened all skills by keep completing the mission gradually and receive main rewards. The cooldown was determined based on Player's VIP level. The higher level the shorter Awakening Cooldown is.

Player can maximize all of Awakening Skills by keep doing Awakening mission to acquire Awakening stones and using it.

Kritika Online Edit

On Kritika Online player must report to Wyatt Kurr, Chieftain of Bayern Freedom harbor to start Awakening Quest once player reach lv 50. Player will be given a challenge first and next, player will receive quest from stowaway monk to defet Vojava on Tiger Pirates stronghold. Once player defeat it, Monica will give player the last mission to awaken.

Once player are awakening, each level player will be given a series of mission challenge to acquire it which is not going to be easy even for veteran players.

Some instance that player has already cleared it before (Like Calamos Monster Rail and Parliamentary Army School), their HP and attack power will be increases multiple times to match player's level. It only happens if player receives awakening mission to clear that instance and once player cleared it the instance level components are reverting back to normal.

The NPC will give player missions one by one until player can gain awakening points. If player has strong guts and player think have a high firepower, player can take on challenge on Hell difficulty or player can do the quest based on minimum criteria (Mostly Adv. difficulty)

Unlike at Kritika The White Knights, Kritika Online only provide limited skills of awakening and player have to distribute the AP points known as Awakening Points wisely due to limited Awakening Points.

Currently Eclair and Valkyrie are not included on Awakening.