Kritika: The White KnightsEdit

Arena on Kritika The White Knights has three variety but all of them are PvP.

  • Duel is where player will face 1v1 with another player and it usually matches to Player's Combat Points. Player uses Brawler's Badge to enter this Duel and the reward can be multiplied based on Player's VIP Level
  • Versus is where player will be listed five players and player can gain up to 55 Karats everyday but the more often player defeats them the more tougher it will be, the multiplier of enemy stats will be increased by 20% everytime player defeats them. The tickets will be refreshed everyday at around 9 AM
  • Melee is where player will battle another player and it was usually 3v3 duel but can goes to 1v3, 2v3 or even 2v1 as the limitance was three characters per account.

Winning the battle on Arena will gain player Karats and if player are able to push themself to keep up at the high rank, player will receive Accessory equipment and Karats as a reward every week.