Arena is where player can challenge a NPC based on Player's own CP (Combat Points).

Kritika OnlineEdit

There are many classes where player can enter the Arena start from 5000 CP and arena is established for PvE.

  • 5000 CP or more
  • 11000 CP or more
  • 18500 CP or more
  • 40000 CP or more
  • 60000 CP or more

Player with CP lower than requirements will not be able to enter the Arena and the reward are usually the Artifacts where it can boosts Player's stats once equipped it. The higher CP the higher rewards will be and player can salvage the Artifacts in order to gain Horde Materials.

Player will be also able to acquire Bronze, Silver and Gold coins based on difficulty player are in. The higher difficulty the higher quality the rewards will be.

On the Arena, player will be meet up with Bosses that will wear player's gear however they still retain their bosses abilities. Some of bosses such as Kayla and Hasher are using Rogue as their class and Sif as Mage that can use Dimension Controller, Shadow Mage and Freezing Blaster skills.

Some boss opponents are player's allies as NPC like Youlya that will be the pilot of Arr! robot to duel with player, Nikita the Assassin from Ruffa Merchant guild, Tuva-Jol a stowaway Monk that player met at Freedom Harbor and former mini-boss opponents such as Thor, Hashter, Aida and Erik. Player will meet random bosses every round and player will only meet them only one time for each entrance.

Some bosses that appears on Intruder intrusion will also appear on arena such as Jelano.

Every cleared area, player will be teleported instantly to the next arena but do remember that player cannot restore HP however player's HP will be restored 10% of maximum HP each round is cleared while player can recover MP any time with potions. It is better to survive their attack and devise target wisely since if player loses player will stop there and cannot advance further.

On 60000 CP, player can challenge Tier 5 Arena in order to be ranked.

Main Boss on Arena Edit

Current Main boss that present on Arena which only appears at final stage are

  • Thor (3 Star Grey Thunder Enforcer)
  • Aida (Exiled Queen of Wolves)
  • Hashter (Star Enforcer of Law - Flare)